"People is your value!" - Sincere Praise received by RMS Team

Customer: COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd.

M/V: Asia Ruby IV

Service: Stores Supply

On October 22, 2018, RMS Team was extraordinary honoured to have received a praize email from the Technical Superintendent from COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd., who spoke highly of RMS team with the details accounted as below. 

"Dear RMS Team,

Good day! 

We would like to thank Mr. Yang for very good support when our vessel call Xingang. When we vessel call Xingang, we need special glue for our BWMS repair, this kind of glue can’t transfer by airflight, also as per the service engineers’ advice, this glue mostly available in Southern area of China. At that movement, it was already 9:00PM, no shop open. But Mr. Yang was very active and tried his best to support RMS customer. He provided a few plans to supply, get from Beijing OR Suzhou, luckily he found stock in Tianjing, but shop closed as already 10:30PM.   The early time, they can get on the second day. 

Mr. yang made a good arrangement, he assigned one person stand-by at the gate of shop at 6:30am, got glue and sent on board around 8:30am. 

The value is not only the cost of glue, as vessel have dispensation letter for BWMS, service engineers were from Korea, if can’t get glue before 10:00am, the service engineers would like to go back Korea, no glue, they can’t do the repair, vessel can’t call USA.

People is your value!"

RMS management team was very inspired and  our CEO replied as below:

"Thank you very much for your mail. Your kind message is well received by RMS management team.

It is our responsibility to serve you (and your team) well for every request we received, and it is always the honor of RMS to be your service partner whenever necessary. 

We put customer needs at the center of RMS business, indeed “People is Value” as you mentioned. We will be continuing to build strong team to have more and more Yang, to provide reliable and responsive service to our customers. 

Again thank you for your kind compliments to RMS team, please always let RMS know if there is anything we could do for Columbia ShipManagement."

The glue mentioned above:


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