Successful Show at IMPA London 2019

RMS team participated the two-day event of IMPA London 2019, the world-leading exhibition and conference for maritime purchasing and supply chain professionals, in QEII Centre on September 10, 2019.

RMS, as a member of IMPA since 2003, headed further deeper into the Europe market thanks to the in-depth communication and sound cooperation with its clients old and new.

RMS was, is and always will be committed to delivering the Reliable and Responsible one-stop marine service to our clients.

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Hotlines for RMS Group:
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China: RMS Marine Service Company Ltd.
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Singapore: RMS Marine & Offshore Service (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Europe:RMS Marine Service B.V.
UAE : R M S Middle East Ship Services L.L.C
USA: RMS Marine Service US LLC