Information and Statement on COVID-2019

Dear Customers,

In respect of your concern about recent COVID-2019 virus outbreak in China, to help you gain a better understanding of current situation, please refer to below information and statement:

How is the COVID-2019 situation now in China?

The main epidemic city is in Wuhan, an inland city in Central China area, and Chinese government has been proactive and taking all measures and resources to resolve it. The medical reports, information and evolving situation has been kept transparent and all parties updated (domestic & international).

There are some impact on cities nearby and ones have dense population, where local authorities have been crosschecking suspicious symptom and applying medical treatment. National alert has been raised at highest level in order to contain and stop the virus from spreading.

All relevant parties have been very cooperative in assistance of contamination, citizens reduced holiday and travel activities spontaneously; checkpoints have been deployed in all major airports, stations, highways in order to reduce the risks and avoid infections; new hospitals have been built, medical material reinforcements have been supplied to major cities to prevent infection; local authorities has extended the holiday to 10th Feb. to reduce spread & infection.

What has RMS contributed in prevention?

In order to protect the safety of customers’ crew (on board) and officer (office in China), as well as RMS employees, RMS have taken quick and responsible measures to do at its best in epidemic prevention and control.

RMS has provided medical masks (KN95 or 3M) for all staffs, including office, warehousing, and boarding officers, especially for staffs attending delivery must wear masks, goggles, gloves and PPEs to prevent infection.

RMS has donated 5,000 masks to local government in to support the medical operation.

RMS is conducting body temperature check for all personal enter & exit office and warehouse, the monitoring has been continuously carried out since 23rd Jan 2020. Sanitations are carried out in all RMS branches twice a day, as well as ventilation and cleaning were also upgraded to the highest level.

RMS supplied meat and seafood from licensed slaughterhouses and processing facilities, those have authority approval or quarantine certificates. English labeling (descriptions, expire date etc.) is also displayed on the package as usual.

RMS could provide the country of origin of meat and seafood products for your evaluation, if necessary RMS could also provide the option of imported products (with certificates/documents) for your peace of mind.

Emergency management unite has been formed to update status in each department, so as all staffs are aware of progress, provide support to any staff may need and control any potential risks.

As of now, thanks to all these precaution actions, none of RMS staff is infected. In the meantime, RMS encouraged most office staffs to work at home via internet and online system until 10th of Feb, so as to reduce the chance of infection. All must be done on site job are taking preventive measures seriously.

The following weeks will be critical time in China to see the drop of infection numbers if virus will be lock down, we have confidence that everything will be restored soon.

Please be assured that RMS is strictly complying with precautions practices to protect our customers and our staff, we are fully committed to delivering reliable and responsive service as always throughout our global offices.

If you feel like to have further discussion or information please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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