”Such a Nice Person Indeed”!RMS Singapore Boarding Officers Consistently Receive Excellent Compliments

RMS Singapore boarding officers consistently receive excellent compliments from ship masters/officers for good service rendered on board. Below is a case for example.

Case details

Customer: Augustea Technoservices Ltd


Period: May 2020

Location: Singapore Anchorage

Rajesh patiently waited on board while the crew sanitize each and every pallet that was delivered which took nearly 6 to 8 hours. Afterwhich, he assisted the crew in checking the items and ensuring all supplies were delivered in good condition including their private order.

Words from the Client

“This could be late but perhaps never too late at all.

We were too busy upon sailing Singapore and it is only now had a time to write few words of thanks to you.

On behalf of all the Officers and Crew of this vessel we wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your kind assistance and support to us with our endeavors to purchase item for our personal use.

Your kind assistance is very valuable to us especially during this times of PANDEMIC crisis that it is very difficult for us to go ashore and purchase things. We are indeed very grateful about your support.

Again thank you very much and we are looking forward for future purchases thru you if you don’t mind.

We also wanted to express our special thanks to your boarding personnel Mr. Rajesh Kanna for his patience in waiting for us because we have to sanitize every pallet before opening them and it takes time.

He was also very co-operative and helpful to us in facilitating our quick checking of all the items.

We are pleased and very happy for his service, such a nice person indeed.”



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