RMS Korea Showcases Excellent Initial Supply Capabilities for Newbuilding Services

RMS Korea, ACE-RMS Marine Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of RMS Group and a longstanding marine service provider in South Korea, has been consistently providing reliable and responsive initial supply services for newbuilding projects.

With a commitment to offering competitive pricing and quality service, RMS Korea sources items from both local and overseas markets through various sources with fast quotations, to meet the diverse needs of its clients. RMS Korea assigns dedicated boarding officers until case closing and attends to them every day before departure to assist with checking.

One of the latest RMS Korea excellent initial supply cases for newbuildings is the successful completion of a newbuilding project for Synergy Ship Management's Galveston Star vessel at the Hyundai Samho Shipyard in Mokpo in April 2023. With the client's time-sensitive demand in mind, RMS Korea was able to submit the newbuilding quotation within three days and prepare for the large volume of orders within just two days. Furthermore, with only one day left for delivery before the vessel's departure, RMS Korea accomplished the delivery on time without any hiccups.

"We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to RMS Korea for their exceptional efforts in arranging the delivery of stores prior to our vessel's departure," wrote the client in an email. "Without their help, it wouldn't have been possible to meet our tight deadlines." 

With a team of approximately 40 experienced Korean staff, supported by a 2,770 sqm warehouse and 795 sqm of office space, RMS Korea's commitment to providing high-quality services and support, along with its comprehensive solutions for newbuilding projects, has earned the trust of its clients and established it as a reliable partner in the industry.


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