Angelicoussis Group (Maran) Visits RMS Singapore

On March 18, 2024, the Angelicoussis Group, a distinguished leader in maritime shipping, paid a visit to RMS Singapore to explore potential areas of collaboration in the region.

During the visit, representatives from Angelicoussis Group, including Mr. Vasilis Nilkou, Mr. Aris Roumpos and Mr. Georgios Ippekis, toured the facilities of RMS Singapore and engaged in discussions with Cindy Fan, Group Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of RMS Group, Mr. Seow Zhi Yuan, General Manager of RMS Singapore as well as other accompanying representatives.

Mr. Seow, expressed appreciation for the visit, stating, "We are delighted to welcome Angelicoussis Group to our facilities. Their visit underscores the significance of exploring synergies within the maritime industry. We look forward to potential areas of mutual interest."

Over the past 9 years, RMS Singapore has established itself as a leading entity in the marine industry, demonstrating impressive financial growth and a steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility.

RMS Singapore is staffed with over 100 experienced professionals and boasts a 6000sqm warehouse and office space. With its expanding warehouse facility now accommodating more than 1400 pallet spaces, RMS Singapore is well-equipped to provide comprehensive support to its clients, not only in supply but also in logistics services. Additionally, the company has developed a highly skilled technician team capable of performing a wide range of LSA/FFA related services, including lifeboat/raft and calibration services for both portable and fixed gas detection systems, as well as technical support.


▲Touring around the facility



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