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1.   Attribution of rights

(1) All rights (including copyright, trademark right, patent right, portrait right, trade secret, etc.) of all texts, pictures, photos, audio, video, icons, products, data, layout, content ideas, column catalogs and classifications and other information (including domain names, logos, compilations, software programs, color combinations, proprietary names, technical information, content design, structure, presentation, presentation results, etc.) in this website, are owned, controlled or legally authorized for use by RMS (with the exception of reasonable references to third parties) . And it is protected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter called the ‘Copyright Law’), the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter called the ‘Trademark Law’) and other related laws and regulations.

(2) Without prior written authorization from RMS, no one may use any of the content and corresponding rights listed in the preceding paragraph in any way, including but not limited to download, direct use, copy, intercept, imitation that may cause confusion to third parties, etc. Nothing on this website shall be deemed to be authorized for use by implication or otherwise, without the written permission of RMS.

(3) If this website contains excerpts or reproduces of information belonging to third parties with specific attribution, this does not imply that RMS endorses its views or confirms the authenticity of its content. If you download the aforementioned information from this website, you must retain the source of information indicated on this website and assume responsibility for the Copyright Law and other related laws.

2.   Prohibited Acts

In addition to the prohibited acts set forth elsewhere in this statement, no one shall engage in any of the following acts that infringe the intellectual property rights or other interests of RMS or any third party rights holder, including but not limited to

(1) Reproduce, modify, resell, link, reproduce, compile, publish, establish a mirror site, monitor, upload, download, or interfere and attempt to interfere with the normal operation of this website and the normal use of others, or develop related derivative products, works, services, plug-ins, compatibility, interconnection, etc. with the help of this website.

(2) Whether for commercial purposes or not, set up various plug-in programs or other third-party programs in this website, or produce, publish, disseminate the above programs.

(3) To compile, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise crack this website. Search, track or attempt to track any information about RMS and any other visitor to this website.

(4) Test or discover the possible vulnerabilities of this website or its network in any way; any exploitation of the possible vulnerability of this website; breach the security or authentication measures adopted by this website; hijacking the domain name server and other technologies to illegally invade or destroy the server software system of this website; modify, add, delete, steal, intercept, replace the client and/or server software system of this website in data; illegally squeeze the site's server space, or the implementation of other acts to make it overloaded.

(5) Access or attempt to access any content of this website through means not provided by this website. Use any automatic or manual processes, crawling devices, programs, algorithms or methods to access, acquire, copy or monitor any component or content of this website.

(6) Use or solicit others to use this site and the content to engage in any infringement, harm or attempt to harm computer systems and networks, illegal violations or any behavior and activities prohibited by this statement.

RMS will pursue legal responsibility for any prohibited behavior as specified in this statement.

3.   Notification of Rights

If you find that the content contained in this website is suspected of infringing your legal rights, please submit a notification to RMS in by email in the first instance, with the following specific requirements.

(1) You should clearly, comprehensively and explicitly describe the allegedly infringing content and the corresponding rights, and provide screenshots of the interface where it is located. If the allegedly infringing content is video or audio, you should provide specific time period information or video clips.

(2) You shall have valid trademark rights, copyright or other rights according to law for the content claimed to be allegedly infringing, and provide proof of valid ownership.

(3) If the statement in the notification of rights is untrue, you shall bear all legal responsibilities and consequences (including but not limited to damages, third party claims, attorney's fees, and costs related to dispute resolution) arising therefrom.

(4) You shall provide specific contact information in the notification of rights, including your name, a copy of your ID card or passport (for natural persons), a copy of your unit registration certificate (for units), your contact address, telephone number and email address.

(5) You shall make the following statement in the notification of rights: "I am the legal owner of the content of this notification of rights", "The content of this notification of rights is completely true, the information described is sufficient and accurate, and I assume all legal responsibility for it".

(6) You should sign the notification and the attached supporting documents, the company or the unit should be stamped with the official seal. Please send the above materials by email to

4.   Links to third-party websites

For your sole purpose of convenience, this website may retain links to other third-party websites, but this does not imply that RMS endorses, recommends, publicizes or promotes the content of the websites to which these links are linked. It is up to you to decide whether to visit these links.

RMS does not warrant, and shall not be deemed to provide any express or implied warranty, promise or authorization for, the accuracy, completeness, reliability, legality, information and privacy protection of any information, data, opinions, graphics, statements or advice provided by any other third party website, and RMS assumes no responsibility for them.

5.   Information Provision and Privacy Protection

In order to facilitate your business cooperation intention or any idea to establish contact with RMS in a timely manner, you can provide your ‘name’, ‘title’, ‘country’, ‘company’, ‘Email’ and other information in the relevant interface of the "Contacts" section of this website. And fill in the ‘Message’ field with a specific description of your business cooperation intention or any idea. Alternatively, you may contact RMS via the email posted on this interface. For the recipients of your information, including RMS and its employees, and RMS's relevant partner and service providers as necessary.

RMS will respectfully request that you provide your ‘name’ in a vague manner. RMS will keep all information you provide on this website/interface confidential and reasonably secure, it will not be used for purposes other than the purpose of this information, such as unreasonable dissemination and copying, or inappropriate disclosure to third parties, in order to protect your privacy and personal information. However, if you or the information that you provide violates the relevant laws and regulations, when required, RMS will have to disclose it in accordance with the laws, regulations, judiciary or relevant authorities.

If there is any further processing of the information provided by you, we will obtain your permission in advance or comply with the relevant legal provisions. If there is another ‘Privacy Policy’ on this website, the privacy and personal information protection matters are detailed in the ‘Privacy Policy’.

However, it must be reminded that the network connection between you and this website, data transmission is not completely safe or confidential. The information and data you send to this website may be intercepted by others, RMS cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of the network connection and data transmission between you and this website.

6.    Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Although RMS strives to provide accurate materials and information on this website, RMS does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and reliability of any content contained on this website (including but not limited to text, images, videos, data, opinions, suggestions, future expectations and plans, etc.) and does not assume any responsibility for errors or omissions in such content. RMS makes no warranty for non-infringement, no computer viruses, no hacking companies, no special forces, or other similar circumstances or assume any liability for any damages from the above.

In no event, including if RMS is aware of the possibility, shall RMS be liable to any visitor to this site for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, third party claims, disclosure of visitor information, loss of information collection or use of data, etc.) arising out of the use of this site.

Due to the existence of uncertainties such as changes in national and regional policies, changes in the business environment and market, technological updates, product changes, force majeure, etc. All products and services sold by RMS shall be subject to and governed by the terms of the RMS sales contract as the final and valid agreement. Any text, images and descriptions of products and services contained in this website are for business display purposes only and shall not be considered as any confirmation, promise or warranty by RMS.

7.   Application of Law, Jurisdiction and Others

(1) All matters related to your access to or use of this website shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court has jurisdiction in relation to it.

(2) RMS reserves the right, at any time and under any circumstances, without notice to any visitor to this website, to do the following acts.

    a. Suspend or terminate the operation of, or access to, part or all of this website under any circumstances.

    b. Modify some or all of the contents of this website.


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